Insomnolence, haiku(s)

Deep in the confines

Of the deepest darkest night

A strife to meet dawn

Imposing thoughts bleed

Swiftly vanquishing clear thought

Like a cancer weaves

A drowning is near

Struggles against strong current

Bring breathless appeals

As lamentations

Fall silently on deaf ears

Despair swells inside

The will to surface

Abandons the surrender

As the struggle ebbs

Fighting worn urges

Listening to new voices

Gripping sanity

Tired eyes may close

In a most sought after peace

Raging tempest lulls


You are special to me, a delightful delicacy

a copious quenching to my sapless parched hollow

eager to fall into your sanguine vows of faith and approval
savor the warm embrace of descriptive words so lovely and delight in the comforting insignias

 aberrant, different and you like unique ~so refreshingly restoring

fierce independence, its attractive ~ so thankful

unexampled intelligence ~ and comforting
beautiful, howbeit scars and imperfections that add aesthetic loveliness a tearful gratefulness

uniquely insightful, perceptive muse ~oh to be appreciated

clarity and tenderness gracing my speech, a special way with words ~ and now, speaking more freely














Unique…..became rogue and confusing,

Independence……….is now the way I dont need you

Intelligence…….has become manipulative

Beautiful….. is now cold and aloof

Insightful… now naive and misguided

Grace infused speech………… is just cowardice and dishonest

Left reeling in the wake of my trust and vulnerability faux pas
I can’t help but wonder how we were so deceived by all deceptive faults I had,
How they could be so delusory to have fooled us both?


The hollowness echoes resounding implications of staggering waste

an undertone careless shortsightedness

In the devastating epiphany of what was squandered

where is the strength mustered to resolve and press on?

Drastically waylaid by grief in the wake of


A vulnerability,
over an affecting debasement and destruction,
all encompassing,
can only be pulled from the despondent wreckage
by sheer will and determination
not in the sureness of time lost

But in a flicker and promise of

the comforting opportunity of afforded time left


The soft delicate center,
the nucleus,
where all originated and purported itself in naive speculative presumption
a core vulnerable to a tender touch
to a gentle whisper
to resonant iniquitous malignant words
to unrelenting nips and jabs
to pain and affliction
to love and attachment
It ever so gradually becomes covered in a camouflaged impenetrable shell of protection
thick in viscosity and consistency
dense, opaque and impermeable
Yet seemingly transparent to the unassuming eye
disguised as strength and tenacity
masked as obstinance
cloaked as apathy
masqueraded as indifference

The eventual splits and rifts as that tender core struggles to free itself
feeling stifled, strangled
amalgamated with chosen selected submitted restraint
exhibiting the desire for freedom that’s natural and indigenous
The occasional furious attempts amid the more timid constant scraping at the walls of protection
draws pieces of the shell and dense covering inside that tender core
creating a mass of intertwined threads and beads in unconscious effort to infest the purity so deliberately protected
sitting atop a timed explosive, ticking loudly
each crack and breakage threatening the strength of false preservation

Eagerly awaiting and anticipating the explosion and annihilation
laying open
the final stages of exposure
over exposure
transcending prophetically into the limitless unveiled days
And a content simper at the equanimity in the new found start of accurate delineation

Language is a metaphor

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In America we are raised almost exclusively in one language. I feel like this is a massive detriment to the human psyche. Throughout history people grew up around such high cultural diversity they typically had to know 6 different languages to function in society. After WW1 this practice had virtually ended in the industrial world with the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and banning of foreign languages in the US which then imposed its own language across the globe. In some tribal areas you still see it though. New Guinea for instance, or some Native America Reservations, but thats about it.

It is important to understand multiple languages because they are more than just words, they are cultures. They are concepts. Language is the layer we map our psyches to whenever we communicate, and new ones only form whenever there is a significant split in the ways people begin to…

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About last night

The patio air is crisp, I take the weight off my feet with a colossal sigh and dropped heavily onto the thick white fabric cushion of the overly large lounger.

The sigh relieves a mass of unnamable something’s and I lay back with more grace and gently relax with one more sigh and a look up at the sparsely clouded night sky and a few bright twinkling stars.

The love of the sun made me wish for dawn as I looked back down across the yard at the kitty sneaking up on the nothing that I can see, maybe a moth. She loves night, she can be sneaky and cleverly avoid human eyes in the dark shadows. I love the transparency of the day. Yet we love each other in spite of our differences.

Lifting my dress high so my upper thighs and my panties could feel the cool air I crossed my legs at the ankles and slowly closed my eyes to settle into a peaceful respite as the lace at the hemline brushed my skin softly.

The memory of your passionate lower register pervades my peace
as <
em>the heat arouses the tenderest parts of me.
Shifting my legs and weighing the decision of discomfort or pleasure
stirs my mind as I settle on pleasure.
In my new fanciful sigh,
I feel your swollen lips take their place across my shoulder
willfully pausing on the fractured raised portion with
reassuring kisses that insist they love the broken parts of me most.
indigenous undulations and longings with each taste of skin and bone
Tender touches lingering alongside full breasts to my belly
render me still and patient
while my insides rage with animalistic desires tamed only for intervals
of the coveted savoring of anticipations of unmitigated passions
As you ably find the most sheltered cherished portions and softest pleasures of my being,
I breathe in sharply,
lost in sensations of evocative whispers,
gentle kisses,
carnal caresses,
I’m newly aware of the length of your body against mine.
The weight of your love,
the pressure of your longing,
the flavor of desire on your tongue.
I’m yours, belonging as only we belong.

My eyes open as the kitty sits crouched just a foot away chewing on her midnight kill.
They move so stealthily, I never even heard her approach.

Having enjoyed the night air and you, I sit up with newly mussed hair, I slip off my wedged heels and stretch my arms into the air. I reach down to lift my dress over my head and quickly off before I go inside. Nothing feels better than the cool night air all over my warm skin,